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PBH Healthy Eating School Fact Sheets

PBH wants to help schools improve students' health and eating habits with proven programs for the classroom and the cafeteria. Learn how to promote healthy eating in your schools with PBH's educational fact sheets.


Understand and Use the 5 A Day the Color Way Model This fact sheet introduces you to PBH's 5 A Day The Color Way campaign, and features tips for helping students eat more fruits and vegetables, weekly merchandising ideas and monthly education advice.


Health Benefits of Eating Your Colors Understand how the different colors of fruits and vegetables benefit health, and find tips and resources for activating PBH's 5 A Day The Color Way programs in your schools.


Make Breakfast Colorful This breakfast-focused fact sheet gives you how-to's, tips and ideas to celebrate your school breakfast program during March, which is National School Breakfast Month and National Nutrition Month.