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Happiness Promotion 2018



Emerging research points to a relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and emotional well-being. As professionals passionate about food and health, we need to find new ways to connect, inspire, and facilitate consumers toward incrementally increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Each year, Americans resolve to eat more fruit and vegetables. However, as time marches on, attention and energy toward continuing healthful behaviors begin to wane.

PBH invites YOU to be a Fruit and Veggie Ambassador beginning in January and beyond to:

  1. Increase awareness of the emerging relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and improved feelings of happiness, life satisfaction, and well-being.
  2. Connect with consumers via an emotion-based approach and share actionable tips that support increased consumption.
  3. Help consumers increase fruit and vegetable intake by choosing a combination of fresh, canned, frozen, dried, and 100% juice to maximize nutrition, minimize waste, save money, and assure that they always have options on hand!

Use the following professional- and consumer-targeted resources to promote the fruit and veggie healthy and happy connection!


PBH Professional Resources: Health Influencer Webinar, Executive Consumer Research Summary, and Corresponding Infographic

WebinarPeeling Back the Onion on Emotional Well-being May Help Americans Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
PBH Executive SummaryNovel Approaches to Measuring and Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, 2017
PBH Research Infographic: Novel Approaches to Measuring and Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, 2017


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PBH Meme Graphics

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