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P.A.C.K. Materials for Teachers
Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program


P.A.C.K. – Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program

PACK Introduction Letters [Click for PDF]
School Nurse
 Now that your school has elected to participate in PACK, the information needs to be shared with other school personnel and parents. Choose the letters right for your school.
School Food Service Guide
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 This one-page guide offers an abundance of tips and steps to help food service personnel make the PACK program fun and successful.
Tips for Eating a Rainbow
of Color

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 These tips are a great way to help students eat more colorful fruits and vegetables throughout the day, especially at school. Each day of the week is designated by a different color and corresponding fruit and vegetable tips. Also a great resource to include in health lessons.
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 Looking for visuals to hang in the classroom, cafeteria, or hallways to reinforce with students the selected color of the day? These posters (sized to print on normal-size paper) are the perfect reminder!
Fruit & Veggie Ideas
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 Interested in trying out the PACK program at home but unsure as to all of the fruits and veggies that fit into a specific color group? This sheet lists all of the fruits and veggies that fit into a specific color group. Helpful resource to include in health lessons, as well as a great parent take-home sheet.
Vitamins & Minerals Information Sheet
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 This one-page overview provides information on some of the vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. It also lists recommended serving sizes. Great sheet to hang in the classroom or as a parent take-home sheet.
Creative Writing Exercise
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 Two different lesson plans on one sheet – create a song or write a creative essay. Nice complement to the PACK program and to a health lesson.
PACK Group Activity Guide
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 A list of ideas teachers can use to energize their students about the PACK program, and fruits and vegetables.
Congratulations Certificate
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 Certificate of participation for students who participated in the PACK program.
Activity and Coloring Sheets [Click for PDF]
Scrumptious Word Search
Colorful Crossword
Super Scramble
Secret Message
Message Mystery
Mighty Maze
Delicious Dot to Dot
Power Up Each Day
Build A Better Body
 Fruit and vegetable fun through word searches, coloring sheets, crosswords, word scrambles and much more! Choose your favorites or try all of them!
Track How Much I Eat
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 Give this sheet to students to help them keep track of how many different fruits and vegetables they eat.


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