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PBH Efforts to Increase Consumption are Broad and Varied

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How You Can Make A Difference


From the aisles of a local grocery store...

  • PBH offers free consumer marketing resources designed to increase sales and consumption. These resources can be customized and downloaded.

  • Donors and licensees have access to ad templates, drop-in art and copy for circulars, and commercial script.

  • Donor benefits include review of packaging and materials by foundation staff for compliance with program guidelines and assistance with FDA regulations regarding health claims.

To popular news sources...

  • Since the launch of the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters public health initiative in March 2007, over 7.5B media impressions have been generated through media and marketing efforts.



To the research laboratory, and beyond...

  • The Phytochemical Information Center highlights PBH/USDA research and helps health professionals, the media and consumers better understand phytochemicals and the role they play in health.

  • PBH supports industry and allied efforts to advance pro-fruit and vegetable legislation and also works to influence fruit and vegetable research agendas.

  • Because of support from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the “Eat Your Colors Every Day Salad Bar and Salad Options Project” in Florida schools created an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption, ranging from 9% -31% in the schools studied. This project shows how we can encourage healthy eating habits in children. We can help even more children fight obesity with your support. Make a difference!

Through beneficial partnerships, we have been able to make strides in bettering public health. Want to know more?

Support Makes a Difference!



With your help, we can tackle the new problems that face us...

  • Childhood obesity

  • Childhood diabetes

  • Most Americans need to more than double their current intake in order to meet federal recommendations for fruits and vegetables – PBH State of Plate 2005

  • 25% of kids ages 5-10 have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or other early signs for heart disease - Pediatrics, fol. 103, No. 6 June 1999, pp. 1175-1182.

Encourage your company to become a champion for healthy eating with fruits and vegetables by supporting PBH today. To learn more about what PBH can do to support your company's business plan, contact please contact PBH today!



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