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October 7, 2011

Pivonka to Participate in PMA Fresh Summit Workshop
5,300+ Farmers Markets Added to Fruit & Veggie Happenings Page
Two New Scientific Reviews Now Available on the Foundation Web Site
Let's Move! Update: Darden Restaurants Join Fight Against Childhood Obesity
PBH Uses Social Media to Promote MyPlate Guidelines
Keep the School Year Healthy with P.A.C.K.
Pivonka Speaks at United Fresh Public Policy Conference

Pivonka to Participate in PMA Fresh Summit Workshop

PBH President and CEO Elizabeth Pivonka will be presenting at the upcoming “Igniting Consumption” workshop to be held at this year's PMA Fresh Summit on Friday, October 14, 2:45 – 4:00 p.m. (EDT). The workshop is included on the Consumer Insights, Industry Insights “Track” and focuses on using public and private initiatives to increase consumption of produce. 

Participants can expect this fast-paced workshop to touch on such points as outreach to moms, salad bars in schools, and “make half your plate fruit and vegetables.” It provides a great opportunity to collaborate with your peers on how these and other initiatives can boost your company's profile and sales.

5,300+ Farmers Markets Added to Fruit & Veggie Happenings Page

The Fruits & Veggies—More Matters consumer web site is pleased to announce the addition of more than 5,300 Farmers Markets to its Fruit & Veggie Happenings page. Just in time for harvest season, consumers can now enter their zip code and find a Farmers Market near their home. 

Don't forget, this is a great way to promote fall fruit and vegetable or nutrition related activities or events including PDFs, photos, and detailed information. Visit the Fruit & Veggie Happenings page to include your event. For help uploading information, please contact Janet Skibicki

Two New Scientific Reviews Now Available on the Foundation Web Site

PBH is excited to share two new scientific reviews are now available in the research area of the PBH Foundation website. The first, Fruits, Vegetables, and Health: A Scientific Overview summarizes current studies related to the consumption of fruits and vegetables and health. Data for the review were collected from database searches of PubMed and Medline for peer reviewed articles published between July 1, 2006 and January 5, 2011. 

The second, Fruits, Vegetables, and Behavior Change: A Scientific Overview summarizes the effect of behavior-based interventions on fruit and vegetable consumption, including special subgroups within the population such as children and minorities. The overview was submitted and accepted for publication by the American Dietetic Association and published in their October 2011 Journal. 

Let's Move! Update: Darden Restaurants Join Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Last month, the fight against childhood obesity received major support from the restaurant industry as Darden Restaurants announced its commitment to improve the nutrition of its children's and full menus, resulting in more healthy choices for its patrons. Darden owns and operates approximately 1,900 restaurants in 49 states and serves more than 400 million meals per year. 

The first changes consumers will see are expected to be fully implemented by July 2012 and affect children's menus at Olive Garden, Red Lobster, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Bahama Breeze. Commitments include:

  • Guarantee a fruit or vegetable will be the default side for every kids' menu item at restaurants which offer a default side on the children's menu (Bahama Breeze, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Red Lobster).
  • One percent milk will be the default beverage, provided automatically if no alternate beverage is requested. Milk will be prominently promoted on the menu and made available with free refills.
  • Food illustrations on the menu will promote healthy choices.
  • Healthy options will be more prominently displayed on the menu.
  • Carbonated beverages will not be displayed on children's menus.
  • Improve the nutritional content of one or more children's menu items to provide equal to or less than 600 calories, 30% total calories from fat, 10% total calories from saturated fat, and 600 mg. of sodium.

Additional changes to full menus are expected to be implemented by July 2021 and include calorie/sodium reductions. For more information about the Let's Move! initiative, visit the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Let's Move! page.

PBH Uses Social Media to Promote MyPlate Guidelines

PBH continues to successfully use its social media channels to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables with consumers. Last month, PBH hosted a Twitter Party to gather feedback around the MyPlate food icon and dietary guidelines. Some of the topics discussed were: “Does the new MyPlate guidelines help you and your family eat more fruits and vegetables?”, “How would you like to see marketers/educators/government using the MyPlate guidelines and icon to improve our eating habits?”, and “Do you think MyPlate will have an impact on restaurants?” 

Responses from party participants were positive and many felt that having the new MyPlate icon simplified things and helped them better ensure they and their families were eating the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables. A common theme was that marketing should be stepped up to include television advertisements, billboards, and information in schools. As one participant stated, “Make it commonplace.” 

The consensus regarding how MyPlate will impact restaurant meals and menus was that ultimately the consumer is what influences the restaurant industry. Participants unanimously responded that we will only see a big change in menus when patrons begin demanding healthier menu options. Many of the party's participants are already making healthier requests when eating out, like asking for a vegetable side in place of fries or fruit for dessert. 

PBH plans to host another party in early November with healthy holiday cooking as the topic. PBH supporters are encouraged to join this party and promote your own products and ideas on incorporating healthy ideas and menus into holiday meals. We will provide more detailed information on date and time in a future PBH Direct! issue.

Keep the School Year Healthy with P.A.C.K.

Pack Assorted Colors for Kids (P.A.C.K.) week is back again this school year! P.A.C.K is a five-day educational program designed to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and widen their color variety, while at home and school. According to school nurses, the program has been successful in engaging students in dialogue about fruits and vegetables and making healthy eating a focus. 

The program works by assigning each day a different color to help broaden the children's selection of fruits and vegetables. Students are encouraged to include the color of the day in their lunch, whether it's bought at school or packed at home. For more information about the program, visit the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters P.A.C.K. page.

Pivonka Speaks at United Fresh Public Policy Conference

PBH President and CEO Elizabeth Pivonka recently spoke at the United Fresh Association's Public Policy Conference held in Washington, D.C. October 3 – 5. The session, “How Retailers and Restaurants Can Use New Policy Initiatives to Increase Sales,” provided attendees with guidance on how to take advantage of new initiatives like the MyPlate campaign to increase produce consumption and increase sales.

PBH is pleased to recognize the following companies as leaders in the fruit and vegetable industry and thanks them for their support. Their generous contributions help make possible PBH's many activities to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. PBH thanks all current and new donors who have contributed to the foundation from September 19, 2011 through October 3, 2011. Together we can make a difference in the nation's fruit and vegetable consumption. To find out how you can support PBH, and grow your business in the process, contact PBH Development Director Renee Bullion or PBH Development Manager Cyndy Dennis.

Returning Trustees ($10,000+ Annual Contribution):
Sunkist Growers, Inc.

Returning Donors:
Affiliated Foods Midwest Cooperative
Healds Valley Farms, Inc.


For more information, contact Kristen Stevens.


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