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March 22, 2013

2013 Consumer Connection a Success; New Officers Elected
PBH Healthy Plates Featured on USDA's MyPlate Website
State Laws Aimed at Improving School Meals Help Teens Eat More Fruit & Vegetables
April Social Media Posts Now Available
PBH to Hold Spring Gardening Twitter Party

2013 Consumer Connection a Success; New Officers Elected

PBHs Annual Conference, The Consumer Connection, held last week in San Francisco, delivered a strong informational program, notable speakers, appointment-driven networking sessions between retailers and industry members, and more, to just under a record-setting 200 attendees. The agenda consisted of committee meetings plus two full days of informative presentations and educational sessions focusing on topics such as: A retail panel; a presentation on the role of fruit and vegetables in a changing health and wellness environment; a fruit and veggie culinary demonstration; a presentation on how to identify and market to target audiences; a consumer research session focused on 'six degrees of balanced healthy'; and an interactive session with industry and food bloggers. PBH also recognized 38 Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® Role Models within the fruit and vegetable industry and public health community, and 12 Champions during a special luncheon. One of the highlights of the conference was the Business Exchange Roundtables where retailers, consisting of buyers, supermarket dietitians, and supermarket health and wellness personnel, met one-on-one with industry members. With the help of conference sponsors, PBH was able to bring 30 retailers to the conference, many of whom were first-time attendees.

During PBHs Board of Trustees meeting, held during the conference, Marty Ordman, of Dole Food Company, Inc., was elected new Chairman of the Board. The other elected officers include: 

  • Immediate Past Chair – Paul Palmby, Seneca Foods Corporation
  • Vice Chairman of the Board – Terry Murphy, Wakefern Food Corporation
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Mark Campion, Taylor Farms

The board of trustees also approved Howard Nager, of Domex Superfresh Growers, as the chair of the Consumer Marketing & Communications committee, and John Freed, of Syngenta Corporation, as the chair of the Donor Outreach committee. Both Nager and Freed were also approved as members of PBHs Executive Committee.

The following at-large members were approved for PBHs Executive Committee: 

  • Heather Rubin, The Walt Disney Corporation
  • Brian Porter, Safeway, Inc.
  • Nasser Dean, Bayer CropScience
  • Nichole Towell, Duda Farm Fresh Foods
  • Gaines Chamberlain, Food Lion
  • Scott Owens, Paramount Ag Companies
  • Shirley Axe of Ahold USA


PBH Healthy Plates Featured on USDA's MyPlate Website

Last week, PBH received excellent news from USDA—8 of the 40 Half Your Plate Sponsorship healthy plate recipes are now featured as sample recipes on USDAs MyPlate website! Even better news—these recipes will continue to remain on the website indefinitely, and additional Half Your Plate Sponsorship healthy plate recipes will be added in the future.

The MyPlate website provides a "Healthy Eating Tips" section so that consumers can obtain sample menus and recipes in order to help them stay on track within the MyPlate dietary guidelines. It is within this section that the PBH healthy plate recipes are featured. Among these eight recipes are:  

Look for future updates as more PBH healthy plate recipes are added to the website. If youre interested in Half Your Plate sponsorships, contact either Renee Bullion or Cyndy Dennis for more information.

State Laws Aimed at Improving School Meals Help Teens Eat More Fruit & Vegetables

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, teens in states that required schools to offer fruit and vegetables as part of their meal program consumed more fruit and vegetables than those living in states with no such policies. This difference was most pronounced among teens who regularly ate schools meals and had only unhealthy snacks, such as cookies or chips available at home. This study is one of the first to suggest that school-based policies can help mitigate barriers to healthy eating that some teens face at home.

Researchers compared students in California and Mississippi, where state law requires high schools to provide a minimum serving of fruit and vegetables in school meals, with students in 25 other states that did not have these standards. When researchers looked specifically at teens who regularly consumed school meals and had only unhealthy snacks at home, they found those living in California and Mississippi ate 0.45 more cups of fruit and 0.61 more cups of vegetables on average per day than did students in the other states.

The researchers also found that teens ate more fruit and vegetables when these foods were available at home. Specifically, teens who never had access to fruit and vegetables at home consumed about 0.98 cups of fruit and vegetables per day, while those who always had access to them consumed about 2.83 cups per day. The study also revealed some less encouraging trends including: 

  • Overall, teens are not eating enough fruit and vegetables to meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The average teen consumes 1.2 cups of fruit and 0.9 cups of vegetables per day.
  • The presence of unhealthy snacks at home influenced the teens' intake of fruit and vegetables. Students who always had access to unhealthy snacks at home consumed 1.15 cups of fruit and 0.74 cups of vegetables, while students who never had access to unhealthy snacks consumed 1.5 cups of fruit and 1.34 cups of vegetables per day.
  • Across the study the lowest consumption of fruit and vegetables was among Black and Hispanic teens.

For more detailed information about this study, view the full press release.

April Social Media Posts Now Available

There are many nationally recognized food days during the month of April, and PBH has gathered this information for you and pulled together a list of social media posts for each day of the month. You may use these posts as they are written or tweak to customize.

PBH to Hold Spring Gardening Twitter Party

April is National Garden Month and PBH is celebrating by holding a spring gardening Twitter party on April 3rd at 4:00 PM (ET). Well be sharing tips with consumers on starting a backyard fruit or veggie garden that will produce a summer filled with fresh produce. Simply use hashtag #Gardening101 to join the chat.

PBH is pleased to recognize the following companies who have contributed their support to the Foundation from March 6, 2013 through March 20, 2013. Your generous contributions help support PBHs many activities to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. To find out how you can support PBH, and grow your business in the process, contact PBH Development Director Renee Bullion or PBH Development Manager Cyndy Dennis.

Donors Who Increased Their Annual Contribution:
Affiliated Foods, Inc., Texas
Boskovich Farms, Inc.
Deardorff Family Farms
John Vena, Inc.
The Kroger Company
Marsh Supermarkets, L.L.C.
McEntire Produce, Inc.
Mushroom Council
Potandon Produce
Sunsweet Growers, Inc.
To-Jo Mushrooms, Inc.

Returning Trustees ($10,000+ Annual Contribution):
Hass Avocado Board
Sun-Maid Growers of California
Syngenta Corporation

Returning Donors:
C.L. Henderson Produce Company
Fresh Produce & Floral Council
Heartland Produce
Hunts Point Terminal Produce Co-op Association, Inc.
JemDFarms - Redsun/GoldenSun
Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.
Schnuck Markets, Inc.
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council


For more information, contact PBH Development Director Renee Bullion.


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