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February 5, 2010

From the President: Reflections on 2009
Results of 2009 Business Plan
Time to Plan for National Nutrition Month
PBH Takes Part in PMA Leadership Symposium
PBH Represented at NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo
Website Survey: Why do People Skip Meals?
The Gap Between Recommendations and Real Consumption

From the President: Reflections on 2009

From PBH President and CEO Elizabeth Pivonka, Ph.D., R.D.

As PBH wraps up our 2009 reports, I'd like to take a quick moment to reflect on the results of our 2009 endeavors and to thank those who lent a helping hand.  From a marketing and communications perspective, 2009 exceeded expectations.  The consumer website averaged 23 percent higher average monthly visits, 19 percent more opt-in e-newsletter recipients, and 20 percent more links than in 2008.  Consumer media impressions doubled in 2009 from 2008 numbers.  Support was strong from licensed retailers, growers, shippers, and processors through use of the logo in circulars, on packaging, and links to PBH's consumer website.  Nine supermarket retailers and five grower/shipper/processors attained Role Model status! 

PBH's biggest fund raising event of the year is coming up in April, the Gala at the Castle Dinner-Auction and Dance, April 10. I'd like to thank you all in advance for participating in this event by either donating or purchasing an auction item. It will be great to have the chance to see many of you again at the board and committee meetings as well. It's a wonderful time to network with others in the produce industry and to enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of our efforts.  

Our work could not continue without your support. Many thanks go out to all of you who stepped up to help end 2009 as strongly as we did. Your continued support remains crucial to our success going forward into 2010. We look forward to working together to help increase fruit and vegetable consumption in the coming year.

Results of 2009 Business Plan

The 2009 Business Plan results are finalized and it proved to be a strong year from a marketing and communications perspective, with year-end results exceeding expectations. The Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® website,, averaged 23 percent higher average monthly visits than in 2008, total opt-in participants to the Keeping Moms Informed e-newsletter increased 19 percent over 2008 subscribers, and links from government, industry, and non-profit websites to PBH's website were 20 percent higher than the previous year. Consumer media impressions in 2009 exceeded expectations with a 100 percent increase over 2008 impressions.  This was largely due to the continued pick-up of three consumer columns, a Satellite Media Tour sponsored by Campbell's featuring Elizabeth Pivonka, and a Family Feature column.  

Support from licensed retailers, growers, shippers, and processors was also strong in 2009 through logo use in circulars and on packaging, linking to, and use of  the brand and PBH messaging in various speeches and media opportunities.  A total of nine retailers met retail Role Model criteria and two met the criteria for retail Champion.  The Role Models were A&P, Ahold, Food Lion, Kroger, Safeway, SaveMart, Schnuck's, SuperValu, and Weis Markets.  AWG and Meijer were retail Champions.  Five non-retail Role Models were identified in 2009, including Stemilt, Chelan Fresh, Rainier, Welch's, and C.H. Robinson.  Phillips Mushroom Farms and Giorgio Fresh Mushroom were also considered non-retail Champions.  

From a funding perspective, PBH ended the year below expectations.  Changes made in the third quarter, however, proved critical to “better than expected” year-end results.  While income was down 14 percent, mostly due to decreased catalog sales and sponsorships, expenses were controlled, resulting in a $27,000 surplus over budget.  Other changes included strengthening both the development staff and catalog customer service staff and eliminating some positions that can be outsourced as budget allows.  Further, negotiation of a new, less expensive office lease also prepares PBH for a strong 2010.  

Industry contributions for 2009 ended at 97 percent of budget, and in-kind contributions exceeded goal by 45 percent.  Total 2009 sponsorship revenue was 45 percent of budget.  Catalog sales were also monitored closely throughout the year.  August, typically one of our largest catalog sales months, was down 43 percent from numbers for the same month in 2008.  Staff changes that occurred in late August included improved catalog customer service, and September sales ended only 13 percent off same month sales for the previous year.  Given the August sales, year-end catalog sales estimates were reduced to $2 million in Q3.  PBH is pleased to report that the year ended with $2.122 million in catalog sales.  

PBH has put into place a structured process for monitoring the effective implementation of the annual business plan. As part of this process, a quarterly update is prepared for donors outlining accomplishments to date related to various goals and strategies of the annual plan.  
For more information about the 2009 business plan and the progress made last year, visit the Board Communications area of

Time to Plan for National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month® is rapidly approaching, and to help retailers, suppliers, and health educators get ready, PBH encourages everyone to re-visit the wealth of prepared Fruits & Veggies—More Matters materials available for download from the PBH website, There are many items available from the PBH catalog, retail toolkit, or suppliers' toolkit that can support your National Nutrition Month® promotions. 

Make sure local teachers are aware of any educational events your organization has planned that feature Fruits & Veggies—More Matters. Call, e-mail, or write to local schools to let them know about Take Your Child to the Supermarket promotions, Supermarket School Tours, or other events. Think about donating Adopt-A-School kits to local elementary schools in honor of National Nutrition Month®. This type of donation offers a great media opportunity and can generate goodwill in the local community. 

Add a link from the company website to A link button and website copy are available for donors to add to their websites. Make sure the Fruits and Veggies—More Matters logo appears on appropriate product packaging and signage. PBH also encourages donors to customize and send Fruits & Veggies—More Matters press releases to local media outlets. 

For more information and other ideas for becoming more involved with Fruits & Veggies—More Matters, contact PBH Communications Specialist Jill LeBrasseur.

PBH Takes Part in PMA Leadership Symposium

PBH joined more than 75 attendees from the produce industry at the 18th PMA Leadership Symposium in January.  Participants included industry leaders and PBH supporters from companies like Schnuck Markets, Coast Produce, Castellini Company, Food Lion, Kroger, Darden Restaurants, Dole Food, Domex, Driscoll's, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Indianapolis Fruit Company, L&M Companies, Mann Packing, Military Produce Group, Naturipe, The Oppenheimer Group, C.H. Robinson, Stemilt, and Sysco Corporation. 

Participants had the opportunity to listen to thought-provoking speakers as they presented ideas that sparked audience discussion on how to improve business practices and consumer outreach.

PBH Represented at NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo

PBH was represented at the 96th Annual Northwest Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo and Convention held in Portland, OR January 17-20. The main convention participants were food processors and the industries that support them.

Website Survey: Why do People Skip Meals?

PBH Frequent visitors have noticed that features a one-question poll on its homepage. In January, the website featured a poll question asking about the reasons people have for skipping meals. 
The question specifically asked, “The last time you skipped a meal, what was the reason?” and asked responders to select from the responses too busy, nothing in the house, not hungry, trying to lose weight, trying to save money, or I never skip meals. Out of 251 poll responders, 93 (37 percent) said they were too busy to eat at mealtime, 62 (25 percent) said they never skip meals, 50 (20 percent) said they were not hungry, 21 (8 percent) had nothing in the house to eat, 17 (7 percent) were trying to lose weight, and 8 (3 percent) said they were trying to save money. 
New poll questions are uploaded about twice per month and PBH keeps track of the results. Feel free to participate in these polls and encourage others to respond to these fun questions, too. For more information about the surveys or their results, contact PBH Nutrition Website Development Manager Sandra Ely.

The Gap Between Recommendations and Real Consumption

January's International Fruit and Vegetable Alliance's (IFAVA) latest scientific newsletter looks at the gap between fruit and vegetable recommendations and real consumption in Europe. Specifically, articles discuss the gap between recommendations and real consumption in Italy; dietary intake, physical activity, and nutritional status in adults in a French nutrition and health survey; and food consumption in Belgium compared to the food-based dietary guidelines. For more information, visit IFAVA or contact PBH's Marketing and Communications Assistant Jill LeBrasseur.

PBH is pleased to recognize the following companies as leaders in the fruit and vegetable industry and thanks them for their support. Their generous contributions help make possible PBH's many activities to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. PBH thanks all current and new donors who have contributed to the foundation from Jan. 15 2010 through Jan. 29 2010. Together we can make a difference in the nation's fruit and vegetable consumption. To find out how you can support PBH, and grow your business in the process, contact PBH West Coast Fund Development Director Jennifer Armen-Bolen or PBH East Coast Fund Development Director Renee Bullion.

Returning Trustees ($10,000+ Annual Contribution):
Seneca Foods Corporation

Returning Donors:
Caito Foods Service, Inc.
Deardorff Family Farms
Green Valley Food Corp.
Quality Sales, LLC
Robbie Manufacturing, Inc.
Spartan Stores, Inc.
Washington Apple Commission


For more information, contact Kristen Stevens.

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