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January 6, 2012

From the Chair: Let's Work Together in 2012 to Increase Consumption
PBH Launches New Online Catalog Website
USDA Launches Online Nutrition SuperTracker
2012 Annual Meeting Agenda: Consumer Insights, Marketing Strategies

From the Chair: Let's Work Together in 2012 to Increase Consumption

A Message from Roger Pepperl, Stemilt Growers, Inc.

As the board chairman of Produce for Better for Health Foundation, I want to encourage all organizations to join and support PBH in the New Year. PBH research has shown that over the last 20 years fruit and vegetable consumption in the United States has remained relatively flat. In fact, a 2010 Gap Analysis from PBH found that the average American consumes only 43% of the daily recommended intake of fruit and only 57% of vegetables. These findings should be viewed as an invitation for the produce industry to do more to increase fruit and vegetable consumption—not only for the health of our country but also to make our businesses sustainable for the future.

A PBH contribution brings many positives to an organization. It gives you access to the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® logo on marketing materials, labels, products, and more. You’ll also be the first to know about new research surrounding produce and national programs like Let’s Move and PBH also has an endless amount of produce marketing tools available to members, as well as a large consumer base to reach through social media and their website,

The New Year is a great time to start your organization’s involvement in PBH. In 2012, Stemilt Growers, the company that I am proud to be part of, will embrace its support of PBH with our annual financial donation to the PBH cause and through our go-to-market strategy using the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters brand. Stemilt’s 2012 marketing plan will use the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters brand on packaging, POS, display bins, social media, web site, and promotions to promote our healthy and flavorful products, and elevate produce consumption in our markets.

We must all work together in order to continue making fruits and vegetables a larger part of every American’s diet.

PBH Launches New Online Catalog Website

PBH is excited to announce the redesign of its Catalog website just in time for the 2012 issue of the Nutrition Education Catalog. The new website provides consumers with a more user-friendly online buying experience through enhanced graphics, easier navigation, and more detailed ordering information.  

The new site also includes the most recent products added to PBH’s inventory—the MyPlate materials designed to promote the new USDA MyPlate Dietary Guidelines. The MyPlate Recipe Book and the MyPlate Wheel are two items that will help provide consumers with the information they need to fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables at each meal.  

Visit to see the new Catalog website and view the new MyPlate education materials

USDA Launches Online Nutrition SuperTracker

Americans have some help in keeping their New Year’s resolutions with the launch of the new online web tool, SuperTracker. The free tool is designed to assist consumers as they make decisions to improve their overall health with dietary changes and physical activity. SuperTracker offers consumers the ability to: 

  • Personalize recommendations for what and how much to eat and amount of physical activity.
  • Track foods and physical activity from an expanded database of foods and physical activities.
  • Customize features such as goal setting, virtual coaching, weight tracking, and journaling.
  • Measure progress with comprehensive reports ranging from a simple meal summary to in-depth analysis of food groups and nutrient intake over time.
  • Operationalize the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines.
  • Support family and friends by adding their individual profiles.

SuperTracker is the latest part of the USDA’s MyPlate Dietary Guidelines and highlights its most recent consumer-themed message “Enjoy Your Food—But Eat Less.” You can access SuperTracker by visiting the MyPlate website and creating a profile to get started.

2012 Annual Meeting Agenda: Consumer Insights, Marketing Strategies

The New Year has arrived and PBH’s most important event of the year, the 2012 Annual Meeting, is less than three months away. Online registration is open and PBH supporters are already reserving their spots!   

This year’s agenda includes some exciting insights on consumer behavior and marketing strategies to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. You’ll want to hear Michael Sansolo, Retail Food Industry Consultant, who will offer a detailed model to help your company get a better fix on creating a winning difference for your consumers. Jason Riis of the Harvard Business School will share current work in the field of behavioral economics and psychology that has been shown to increase fruit and vegetable consumption while outlining potential new strategies that could be applied to increase the purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Join an interactive panel of retailers from supermarkets and food service companies as they share effective marketing strategies to increase fruit and vegetable sales. Definitely don’t miss the opportunity to speak to the consumer directly with our panel of diverse Moms. You’ll have the chance to ask them and their children about the factors that impact and influence their fruit and vegetable purchase decisions!   

In addition to the informative meeting agenda, attendees will join their colleagues for three days of valuable networking, access to exclusive, newly released research, golf outings, and fruit/vegetable field tours. This year’s Annual Meeting will be held March 29 – March 31, 2012, at the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa. For questions or assistance with registration, please contact Event Manager Sharese Alston

PBH is pleased to recognize the following companies who have contributed their support of the Foundation from December 15, 2011 through January 4, 2012. Your generous contributions help support PBH’s many activities to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. To find out how you can support PBH, and grow your business in the process, contact PBH Development Director Renee Bullion or PBH Development Manager Cyndy Dennis.

New Donors :
Favorita Trading Co. Ltd.
Sysco Corporation

Returning Trustees ($10,000+ Annual Contribution):
Food Lion Stores, Inc.
Monsanto Vegetable Seeds
Taylor Farms

Returning Donors:
Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
Ben Litowich & Son, Inc.
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Green Valley Food Corp.
Kingdom Fresh Produce, Inc.
Michigan Apple Committee
Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers


For more information, contact Kristen Stevens.


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