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Mon, Jun 17, 2019

Past Programs

Every donation is important to the stability of the Produce for Better Health Foundation and its mission of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption. Here's a sample of the types of programs and activities your contribution supports to boost consumption of fruits and vegetables among children and develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.


Eat Your Colors Every Day Salad Bar and Salad Options Project -Thousands of school children are eating more fruits and vegetables because of the Eat Your Colors Every Day: Salad Bar and Salad Options Pilot Program that began in 12 schools in four school districts in Florida in September of 2002. See Program Details in School Foodservice


“There's a Rainbow on My Plate” Classroom Curriculum - This free nutrition education program, which ties into our 5 A Day The Color Way campaign, encourages kindergarten through sixth grade students and their families to develop healthy eating habits that include fruits and vegetables. See Program Details


Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - Through the simple addition of fresh fruit and vegetable snacks during the school day, the United States Department of Agriculture's Fruit and Vegetable Program is transforming schools into models of healthy behavior and improved learning environments. See Program Details in Policy


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